Fortellerfestivalen (The Norwegian Storytelling Festival) is a storytelling festival located in Norway. Fortellerfestivalen is an annual festival that showcases both the Norwegian and International art of storytelling. Fortellerfestivalen was started in 2004. Fortellerfestivalen is arranged by a foundation called Stiftelsen Fortellerfestivalen and is run by money from the government and other cultural foundations.


The theme of the Storyteller Festival 2016 was  the metaphor «Pure Shit», and in 2017 it was «Faith / Shadows of doubt». We want a firm thematic grip on the program making the theme angled from a diversity of perspectives.


We mingle different oral approaches to storytelling, crossing borders of genres. We present abstract or or realistic forms, traditional or experimental projects. We look for poetical stories. funny stories, gripping stories, and stories that can be linked to political or social issues of today.


In 2018 we will dedicate the festival to musical storytelling. PLease feel welcome to present your project for us.