Fortellerfestivalen (The Norwegian Storytelling Festival) is a storytelling festival located in Norway. Fortellerfestivalen is an annual festival that showcases both the Norwegian and International art of storytelling. Fortellerfestivalen was started in 2004. Fortellerfestivalen is arranged by a foundation called Stiftelsen Fortellerfestivalen and is run by money from the government and other cultural foundations.


We mingle different oral approaches to storytelling, crossing borders of genres. We present abstract or or realistic forms, traditional or experimental projects and stories that can be linked to political or social issues of today.

We have a special interest in musical storytelling. Please be welcome to present your project for us.

We start out this years festival April the 12th with an interesting seminar about contemporary stories and vrs. stories from our past, our intangible heritage. Friday we present music and storytelling at Riksscenen. Kouame Sereba is a celebrated musician and storyteller originally from The Ivory Coast. This is the story about the journey he went on 20 years ago and how he finally ended up in Norway. Kersti Ståbi will present three differnet musical versions of Voluspá. Friday night she will present the Indian version of this nordic myth. In 2018 the Storytelling festival invites the audience to experience storytelling in new ways through the concept Fortellerhabitatet (The habitat of stories). We have created a micro society at Sentralen, Oslo, April 14-15th 2018. People are invited into a world of many stories, ways of experience relationsships, powers and verisons of reality and truth. The theme is I and the others. We celebrate human differencies and everything that enable us to see each other’s perspectives, different angles and approach to our lives and matter.  We present more than 40 stories, 58 events during two days at Sentralen, Oslo.

Previos themes for the Storytelling festival:  the metaphor «Pure Shit» in 2016, and  «Faith / Shadows of doubt» in 2017. 

We have an open call for the festival in 2019. It will be about «The Useless Class», technology & robots. We combine stories from our intangible history with stories from from the present, in different forms and expressions. If you have a prodution or stories you would like to present, or would like to take part in the festival in other ways, please contact us at post@fortellerfestivalen.no.