Potential cooperation with Croatian Storytelling Festival



I`m writing You on recommendation of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia, and on behalf of the NGO Pričigin, which has been organizing the Pričigin Storytelling Festival to activate the existing critical mass of people in Split (and Croatia) to talk and think about current actual social and cultural themes that are common for Western Balkans` countries. At March this year NGO Pričigin has been organized its 12ve festival, and they are constantly contributing to the development processes and the creation of new measures in the popularization of the spoken and written words through the participation of the audience and their interaction with the guests of the festival. It is the only storytelling festival in Croatia and this part of Europe which is recognized among writers, journalists, social and political activists, artists etc., and which mobilizes about 3000 people every year in March.


We are planning to apply to the EEA and Norway Grants, in order to make the festival and all supporting events more professional, visible and to have greater influence on decision making processes within the Western Balkans` region, and have planned to include experts from Norway to support our efforts in cultural and NGO sector. But, program regulations have limit us only on partners who have their own business («Independent experts from the Donor States may perform the role of expertise partners provided they are organised as a registered business owned by one individual where the owner is personally responsible for any debts or liabilities incurred by the business and pays personal income tax on the business profits.»).


So, we would be very grateful if You could share information about our organization and the project among this sector in order to establish cooperation and to include targeted business into the project that we are currently preparing. Or, if You have this form of business or some of your colleagues, we are very interested to share with you more details about planned project.

In attachment You can find project aims, list of partners, and we are currently working on the project activities.

Expert from Norway is expected to contribute to the project in the domain of sharing knowledge on methodology or practical issues regarding NGO and cultural sector, all relevant to project aims. So, study visits, participation at festivals or conferences are welcomed, as any other concrete activities that you find relevant for you also.


Hope to have positive feedback from You.

Many thanks on Your time!


Kind regards,


Neda Milišić Buklijaš


PRIČIGIN 2019-2024


Duration of the project: 01/06/2019 – 30/04/2024


Locations: Split and Zagreb, Croatia; Skopje, Macedonia; Ljubuški and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Belgrade, Serbia


General objective:

To foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding within and between communities from the Western Balkans` countries and to enhance citizenship participation and efforts to create the greatest policy impact on common challenges such as issues related to the rights and responsibilities of the active citizenship, human rights, social inclusion, cultural diversity, local youth development programmes with bilateral exchange component; thus contributing to the development of irresistible democracy standards in the WB countries.


Specific objectives:

  • To increase awareness and understanding of the citizens’ rights, especially on human rights, equality and social inclusion, among wider public from 4 participating countries (EU member state – Croatia, candidate countries – FYRO Macedonia and Serbia, and potential candidate country – Bosnia and Herzegovina).
  • To encourage citizens participation and support audience development, including people in the diversity of culture, by using powerful and interactive tool of participation, such as storytelling, in order to generate communication, listening and belonging, and contribute to better society within WB countries but also better relationships between those countries.
  • To support capacity development of cultural and NGO players, as important drivers of economic growth, job development and social inclusion, by introducing the new models of citizens` participation and methods on how to create a successful pattern of diverse events including storytelling events, and on advocacy activities in order to citizens voice could be heard on politically high-level.
  • To create environment which goes beyond a national vision among youth in Croatia and to prepare them for active inclusion into society, by tackling relevant EU issues like solidarity, social engagement and volunteering, thus encourage them to give individual opinions by using storytelling as innovative model of youth engagement in social issues.





  • 5 years of storytelling festival Pričigin in Croatia (2020-2024), than transferring knowledge and experience in Macedonia in order to organize storytelling events from 2021 and further; international conference on the intercultural dialogue among WB countries and advocacy activities toward relevant institutions in order to use political discourse that promotes understanding and interaction, as well as opening space for creative industries and organizing first storytelling event when all preconditions are debated; storytelling events in Serbia
  • Campaigns for promotion of storytelling events and concrete issues that are debated on yearly basis; innovative mobilization activities in cooperation with youth organizations; 2 high-level conferences on cultural diversity and creative sector, as well as citizens activism or experts` conference on different methodologies of storytelling for citizens mobilization…(including experts from Norway and Ireland)
  • 2 study visits for NGO and cultural sector members/experts (The Scottish International Storytelling Festival in order to enhance their efforts of innovative citizens participation in policy making through storytelling; and ???)
  • Pričigin for youth in Croatia; youth exchange among Croatia and Norway (potentially Serbia) to visit and participate at similar events; Conference with recommendations for including this programs in school curriculums…




Partners and their roles:


  1. Pričigin, Croatia is responsible for coordination, management, monitoring and evaluation of all activities, as well as reporting and communication with the Contracting Authority; organization of public debates in Croatia; organization of study trip of the civil society representatives from participating BC to The Scottish International Storytelling Festival; organize storytelling competitions for youth in Croatia on relevant EU issues; advocacy activities on national and EU level on relevant EU issues; transferring of knowledge on storytelling to other participating countries and support in organization of first festival in Macedonia; participation at debates in Macedonia and Slovenia, support and participation at international conference in BIH; production of media outlets (web); dissemination plan; overall visibility of the project.
  2. FYRO Macedonia will organize public event (storytelling) in Macedonia on issues related to the rights and responsibilities of the Union citizens, future of the EU and its integrational process, as relevant topics for its pre-accession process, and thus encourage citizens for greater participation on EU policy making process; actively participate at few debates in Croatia; participate at study visit to The Scottish International Storytelling Festival; give support to organizers of the international conference at BIH and actively participate; promote the project and activities on the website and in direct contact especially with public bodies at Macedonia.
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina will organize one-day international conference in BIH on the (lack of) intercultural dialogue among Balkans` countries by promoting understanding and interaction among citizens from the Balkans` countries; advocacy activities toward relevant institutions in order to use political discourse that promotes understanding and interaction among citizens in the BIH but also among BC; participate at few debates in Croatia and at public debate at Macedonia; participate at study visit to The Scottish International Storytelling Festival; promote the project and activities on the website and in direct contact especially with public bodies in BIH.
  4. Slovenia will organize one-day public event and presentation of the cultural diversity in Slovenia in the frame of Intercultural festival – Week of Cultures, where all the different minorities present their culture. Exhibition and discussion will cover topics like integration, hate speech, importance of tolerance and equality. Will also participate at few events in Croatia and on international conference in B&H, to support advocacy activities. Great support to partnership countries regarding advocacy toward EU level.